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Our industry's response to COVID-19



In connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus and the introduction of preventive measures against the disease, several health protection products became insufficient, to which many Slovak companies responded by changing the focus or amount of their production. Production changes in connection with the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus:

Production of protective equipment:

  • Chemosvit a. s., Svit - protective drapes - polypropylene fiber enriched with silver in cooperation with Chemosvit Fibroch, s.r.o.
  • Tatrasvit Svit Socks a. s., Svit - protective drapes (nose and mouth protection) cooperation with the Research Institute of Chemical Fibers (VÚCHV a.s., Svit) - fibers with added silver


Inncreasing disinfection production to help ensure a sufficient amount of disinfectants

  • Brenntag Slovakia, s.r.o., Pezinok – production of disinfectants based on hypochlorite
  • VUP a. s., Prievidza – production of disinfectants
  • FORTISCHEM a. s., Nováky – increased production of sodium hypochlorite
  • Chemolak a. s., Smolenice – production of disinfectants for areas and hands
  • Mikrochem, a.s., Pezinok – disinfectants
  • Saneca Pharmaceuticals a.s., Hlohovec – disinfectants, APIs
  • Duslo a.s., Šaľa – production of disinfectants for areas and hands
  • Banchem s r.o., Dunajská streda – disinfectants
  • VUCHT a.s., Bratislava – disinfectants

They also helped municipalities by donating



ZCHFP SR is the partner of project Chemtube and help teachers in distance e-learning to use videos documented skills in chemical laboratories.

The Association of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry of the Slovak Republic (ZCHFP SR) is a partner of a transnational European Erasmus project focused on vocational education and training in chemistry and pharmacy - ChemTube - Video documentation of students' performance in critical tasks and demonstration of tacid knowledge in laboratory and process operations in chemistry and pharmacy linked to ECVET definition of basic learning outcomes in Skillsbank.

To date, the partners have created several dozen videos from chemical plants, laboratories and production. The Secondary Vocational School in Nováky shot such videos on behalf of the Slovak Republic, which were subsequently supplemented by English subtitles from ZCHFP SR, so that the videos could also educate students abroad. At the same time, Slovak students can improve their professional vocabulary in English. The video on the operation of the rotary vacuum evaporator was created by Axxence Slovakia s.r.o. A total of 24 videos were created and subtitled by Slovak partners.

The coronavirus pandemic and the closure of schools offered a new and unexpected opportunity - to use in practice the work done so far today.

The videos created so far within the project were provided by ZCHFP SR to State authorities for vocational education (24 persons from Slovak, 10 from German, 5 from Czech and 5 from Italian partner). Videos were distributed to schools and teachers of secondary vocational schools and also published on his website

At a time when school laboratories have to be lockdown, videos provided useful help and a substitute of practical teaching.


Rotary vacuum evaporator


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