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Chemistry for young people

Every year, with the financial support of the Association of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, events are organized for young chemists to support future chemists. Every year, these are: the Chemical Olympiad organized by the Slovak Youth Institute in cooperation with the Slovak Commission of the Chemical Olympiad, the Summer School of Chemists, which is intended for successful solvers of the Chemical Olympiad for secondary schools and the Summer School of Young Chemists is intended for successful solvers of the Chemical Olympiad for primary schools. The Slovak University of Technology, FCHPT, regularly organizes ChemDay - job fair of companies of chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

National round of the 59th Chemical Olympiad

The Slovak Youth Institute in cooperation with the Slovak Commission of the Chemical Olympiad organized the national round of the Chemical Olympiad for categories A (gymnasiums) and EF (secondary vocational schools) from March 1, 2023 to March 4, 2023. This year's Chemical Olympiad was held at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. ZCHFP SR traditionally financially supports successful solvers of the Chemical Olympiad.

Summer School of Chemists

From 2 to 14 July 2023, the Summer School of Chemists was held for the 46th time, which ZCHFP SR continues to support. This year, the summer school was held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica. The participants of the summer school participated in seminars, lectures and laboratory exercises and had the opportunity to see and work in laboratories. The Summer School of Chemists is designed for successful participants in the Chemical Olympiad.

Summer School of Young Chemists

The Summer School of Young Chemists is an event for successful solvers of the Chemical Olympiad category D (primary school). The 7th year took place from 16.-22.7.2023 in the Teaching and Training Facility of Comenius University Richňava (Štiavnické Bane) and was attended by 21 pupils from all over Slovakia, the program was composed of traditional lectures on topics such as atom composition and electron configuration up to the basics of organic chemistry. However, we have not omitted the current environmental issue, and young chemists have practically proved with an infrared thermometer that carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are greenhouse gases. They also got acquainted with the importance of material chemistry, where they foamed aluminum during laboratory exercises. Participants also tried analytical chemistry techniques such as thin-layer chromatography, DNA isolation, titrations and various evidence reactions. Since the holidays are supposed to be about fun, most of the program was tuned in the style of exploratory and experiential teaching, which is perfectly suited to the theme of Detective Stories. Therefore, participants solved a fictitious murder for a whole week and analyzed the evidence using the aforementioned techniques. In their free time, they visited Banská Štiavnica and in Štiavnické Bane the Maximilián Hell Elementary School with Kindergarten, where pupils do not have holidays, but instead prepared a falconry show. The participants of the summer school of young chemists walked around their small but beautiful zoo, in which, in addition to birds, they also saw a kangaroo or crocodile. The event was also held thanks to the support of the Association of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries of the Slovak Republic.

ChemDay 2023

ChemDay is a job fair for companies of chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries at FCHPT STU in Bratislava. The fifth year took place on March 29, 2023 in the premises of FCHPT STU in Bratislava. This day is open for all promising chemists to the world of job opportunities, especially in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. ChemDay provides an ideal place for better and faster job search in the studied field for graduating students and graduates of FCHPT STU. The members of the Association participated in the fair: Axxence Slovakia, Duslo, Lanxess Central Eastern Europe, Saneca Pharmaceuticals and VUCHT.

Chemistry without laboratory

Chemistry is not boring – the newly launched web application will convince you of it.

The web application „Chemistry without a laboratory‟ is an interactive course with gamification elements, designed for primary and secondary school students.

It consists of four levels that include safe and fun experiments, as well as quizzes to test knowledge.

The Chemistry Without Laboratory program is available free of charge and also in Slovak.

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